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Couples & Family
My practice integrates a range of methods to help couples & family members diminish self-defeating behaviors, behavior patterns that interfere with their ability to meet roles and role responsibilities.   
My practice helps couples build their relationship, enhance functional roles (see Systems-Centered®Therapy). Through discovering strengths and discovering how to cooperatively work together, new pathways open to living in ways that best fit the present.  
Substance Use/Addiction & Recovery

My substance use training began in 1992 with an in-patient rotation at the Dallas VA, through 
my pre-doctoral Internship at the Dallas Child Guidance Clinic (DCGC). Later, I completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Chemical Addiction Program ("CAP") at the Dallas VA. 
My addiction treatment experience and background is used to identify and address related problems my clinical work, working with substance abuse problems at all ends of the spectrum. We address these sensitive problems tactfully in sensible, practical ways. I remain informed of research developments in the ever-changing field of addiction, chemical and process addictions.
Anxiety & Mood

My practice helps people reduce/eliminate symptoms of anxiety and depressive mood.  The Systems-Oriented methods I utilize are potent to target symptpms and help enhance and regulate.  We work to recognize symptoms before they emerge as problematic.  Problem patterns related to triggering symptoms also help transform lifestyle, reducing relapses.  I work in conjunction with concurrent psychiatric treatments and provide referrals for psychiatric consultation when warranted. 


Maladaptive Interpersonal Patterns & Personality Problems  

Many interpersonal maladaptive patterns are related to ways of coping in childhood and in earlier life experiences. Such ways of coping can become outmoded; yet, we may automatically be conditioned to use them, casuing us to be less adaptive or effective in our current life. Therapy can be effective in identifying such patterns and modifying them to fit current needs.
  Similarly, past traumatic experiences evoke styles of adapting that later in life may interfere with effective styles of relating, personally or  professionally. I employ clinical methods designed to address such patterns in order to be more present-oriented, using current adaptive styles of relating and approaching goals. Although I do work with clients who have trauma history, I also refer to other trauma specialist clinicians for more extensive/complex trauma histories.

Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 

After performing psycho-educational testing for diagnosing and treating ADHD for over 25 years, I use an understanding of ADHD in my practice, allowing me to understand both the direct and indirect of influences and effects of Attention Deficit Disorders in Adult Life.   In my practice, I focus on identifying ADHD, guiding people and their families to make the adjustments that best promote success.  I remain vigilant staying current in the research of ADHD.  I also integrate career interest/vocational assessment in ADHD assessment and treatment. 
Testing & Evaluation
Testing services are provided to evaluate symptoms of distress and disturbance, including most types of objective and projective personality evalutation. Assessment goals are to identify a clear understanding in diagnosis and treatment recommendations.   Areas of assessment include Adult ADHD, Substance Abuse/Addiction, Mood Disorders, Anger, and Anxiety Disorders.  A listing of all tests and testing services available upon request.  
Psychological Testing never billed to Insurance or Third Parties
Common Evaluation Services
Substance Abuse Evaluation/Adult ADHD Evaluation
Psych/Personality Evaluation/Consult/Testing
Reports, Letters, Evals
Psychological Testing
Urine Drug Screening

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